River Rat Competition BBQ & Catering is a small, family owned and operated BBQ Competition Team, and Catering company based in Brockville Ontario.  What started as a hobby and passion, has quickly turned into a second career.  Darin works full time for the Kampus Kids Day Care as the Head Cook/Chef, The name “River Rat” was created threw the Love and the Passion of the deep south of BBQ Country and the epic tale of Mark Twain Novel of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, where they graced the sea banks and living on the river bend they where all known & called RIVER RAT’S that being said it was very fitting to say the less how our beautiful City of Brockville is located directly on the St Lawrence Sea Way and to this day we are known as well as River Rats with this today the story lives on and we are known as “River Rat Competition BBQ & Catering”.Darin, our pitmaster, has been BBQ’ing most of his life and has been cooking for over 20yrs.  Many years ago we discovered what real BBQ was, cooking meat low and slow over real wood. We bought our first smoker, and the rest is history.

4 years ago Darin developed his first BBQ spice rub & sauces for his own personal use.  Our Original Rub was developed for pork and chicken and our Sweet & Sassy Dixieland Sauce. we gave people mason jars of our rub & sauce. Well shortly after that, folks were asking for more, and so it began.

We have since developed more BBQ Spice Rubs & Sauces, In the hopes to have them bottled with our own River Rat Competition BBQ & Catering Private Lable!

In 2009 we entered our first BBQ Competition and have been hooked ever since.  We have done very well in competitions, especially being a new team to the circuit.

And to this day the Love of BBQ and the smell of Smoke flows threw our blood.

So come out and support us and
Come Hungry! Leave Happy!